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Rasmusrock Regular Visitor
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Using filled maps in PowerBi



I have experimented a little with using filled maps in PowerBI. However, i am not sure whether i am doing it wrong, or if filled maps do not work using the online version of PowerBI and not PowerBI desktop. 


I am using Microsofts test dataset called 'Sales and Marketing', and have got it working in PowerBI Desktop, however, when i try to do the same in PowerBI it shows nothing when using a filled map (kartogram in Danish). When using a regular map in PowerBi, it works - but i am not a fan of the way regular maps display data as circles.


Hope someone can help me!



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Re: Using filled maps in PowerBi

I think a Service change may have introduced a bug into Filled Maps, see this post:


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Re: Using filled maps in PowerBi

have you checked if you've defined category for the columns you're using to display data in the filled maps ? If you go to data view in power bi desktop and then choosing correct data category for the columns it should work. 


If it doesn't give some more information about your data.

Rasmusrock Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Using filled maps in PowerBi

The problem isn't in Power BI Desktop, but in Power BI online. 

djnww Established Member
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Re: Using filled maps in PowerBi

I can confirm that all the filled maps that we have created in the prior months are no longer working on Power BI online. Same issue in IE, Chrome & Firefox.


I will create a ticket just in case.




hawkings Frequent Visitor
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Re: Using filled maps in PowerBi

I figured out what the problem is! Unfortunately the solution is a fix from Microsoft.

It's in your call to the Bing engine. For me it tried with one of the following calls:


The problem is with the culture you specify in "GetBoundary()". In this example it is set to 'da', but this is not accepted by Bing. Instead you need to set it to 'da-dk', which in this example would be:

GetBoundary(-26...... , 'AdminDivision1',1,0,'da',dk')

instead of just

GetBoundary(-26...... , 'AdminDivision1',1,0,'da')


This is why you are not able to reproduce the problem since the US culture is set correctly to ...'en','us'.


Apparently this is only a problem in Firefox and Chrome. Hopefully you are able to fix the issue


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