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Advocate I

Use a Published PowerBI Dataset as Datasource for other reports

Hey there,


I stumpled upon a very simple idea, which I can't seem to realize with the current features of Power BI. Please help me out here, if this is in any way doable!


My ultimate goal is to build a lean and simple "reporting OLAP Cube". I frequently integrate multple datasources (mostly MySQL, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Local Files and the likes) into my reports, and some of my reports use the same sources and sometimes even the exact same queries over and over again. However, it is not feasible to put everything into one gigantic "master report/dataset", because it would make the queries incredibly slow. It would be very effective (especially maintenance-wise) to encapsulate some logically connected reusable queries into one dataset, publish it to the web and then query this dataset as some sort of OLAP Cube.


I already tried the "PowerBI Live Service"-Feature, but it is not feasible, because if I connect a PBIX to a "Live Dataset" I can not add other data queries which renders the whole concept completely unusable.


Is there any way how I could achieve my goal?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Use a Published PowerBI Dataset as Datasource for other reports

@jlie My first thought for this would be to build the "Base" dataset as a Power BI Template file in the Desktop. Then you have a starting point for every new dataset you create saving you a bunch of time. This doesn't solve a single deployed model, but it would solve the duplication of efforts aspect.

There is no way to achieve a "starter" dataset in the Service that you would expand upon from there.

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