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Unable to Connect to Microsoft Azure Enterprise - Upgrade Required

Hey People,


OK, so our Enterprise Agreement ticked over last year and so I've been having fun with the various content packs (and Apps) for PowerBI that pull data from Azure and O365 - as the agreement number has changed.


Today I'm trying to set up the Microsoft Azure Enterprise content pack for the new agreement, but I'm getting an "Upgrade required" error when I try to authenticate using our EAs key.


Failed to update data source credentials: Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (426): Upgrade RequiredHide details

Activity ID:deb4404c-8e76-40a0-8124-c8292d32fd5d
Request ID:7c34798d-a170-2d37-0bf4-af69eecac8d3
Status code:400
Time:Wed Jan 16 2019 10:58:30 GMT+1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time)
Cluster URI:


Any ideas?




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Re: Unable to Connect to Microsoft Azure Enterprise - Upgrade Required



I'm facing the same issue. There is no documentation available how to "upgrade" this connection.


Azure Enterprise Content Pack doesn't seem to be a solution either. I can't use/map the existing reports.


How does this story go forward? Man Happy





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Re: Unable to Connect to Microsoft Azure Enterprise - Upgrade Required

I think we're supposed to use the Azure Consumption Insights Power BI App instead.


But I'm having issues with that.


  • I can't rename it (as we'll need one for each 3 year EA agreement).
  • I've been having data refresh issues since October...  And you can't access the Dashboard/Reports/Dataset the same way you can with Content Packs.
    • I did figure it out in the end - you have to go edit another dataset, then the App one will show up...
    • At that point I could see the refresh was failing and re-setup the schedule
    • But I see some of the data is missing
  • There's a bunch of data tagged with GUID based Context IDs, but the value is $0
  • The data doesn't always match what's in (though it's only out by <$30)


Such fun!