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Transfer Dashboard ownership

Is it possible to transfer ownership of a Dashboard to another user?


If UserA creates several dashboards and shares them with the firm, when that person later leaves the firm how do we continue to manage those Dashboards?


While we save the .pbix files and another user can load/modify the datasets/reports themselves and post those to their PowerBI page and reshare new versions of the original, there needs to be a more enterprise friendly method to manage and maintain company wide Dashboards. Is there such a methodology?

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

Certainly not an official answer, but Power BI for O365 has more of the enterprise bent and Power BI 2.0 is more geared toward personal use at the moment. I imagine that the two functionality sets will merge in the near'ish future.

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

We are using PowerBI Pro with O365 Enterprise.


The only possible/partial solution I have found so far is to create a content pack and have the users add / import that manually.

However, the basic issue remains the same --- changing an existing Dashboard from another user who is no longer with the organization.


Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

If you are already going down the Content Pack route, then I would suggest that you create a group and have several people be part of that PBI Group. Then you can create and share Content Packs, and if other people from the group leave the company, there is no impact to the deployed Content Pack because there are other members of the group.

The issue with your current solution is that there is still only 1 owner of the content pack. So you are hoping that the account that owns the Content Pack never gets removed, and that the site they had never gets blown away. Because if it does, then anyone using that Content Pack from the originial owner, loses everything.

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

my understanding is that in a group, all the group members are able to contribute to modifying a dashboard that is created in the group's workspace, in addition to the content packs created in the group. Or have I misundersood? 


to answer to my own question: the group dashboards are for the group only and can't be shared.  

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

The 'losing everything' is the concern.


It appears from this post:


and this part of the documentation (assuming it's current):


- that administration of content is still in the works. Which for us prevents deployment.


For the PowerBI team:

We are looking for basic administration tasks. We have a small team of business analysts who create the content and share that with the organization (in whole as well as separate depts). Currently, an individual can share a dashboard with others, and any changes made by that individual appear in the dashboard - which is perfect. However, if that individual is no longer available - the content becomes orphaned.


While publishing a content pack to the organization allows a form of self-service, it does not provide for dynamic updating of the content or transfer of ownership.


Allowing an admin to take and transfer ownership of a dashboard and its component parts would resolve this, for us. If possible, please share with us what type of administration functionality is planned and timeframe. Without some form of that functionality, we cannot implement this solution.



The best I have come up with so far is:

PBIX for all content is saved separately

Admin takes over the former user account, deletes shared content from that users PowerBI portal.

New analyst loads/publishes the content as their own, recreates the Dashboard (still looking for a way around this) then reshares.

Not elegant, but keeps us from having to totally recreate the content from scratch. 


Another option is to publish the content to a group, the new analyst makes a personalized copy of the content, admin removes the original content from departed analyst, new analyst republishes.  This would obviate the need to recreate the dashboard, but still a bit of a kludge.


However, if the content is using the departing users Personal Gateway or dataset connections specific to them, we are back to recreating content.


If anyone has other methods of managing the administration of shared content - please pass it along.

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

Any update on how to transfer ownership of a dashboard and report? Or at least how to have multiple administrators for the reports?

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

Am having the same problem here... think it's similar to so just voted for the idea and hope it happens.

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership

Actually the same question and problem for Reports.


Not a good solution at all for a large organisation.

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Re: Transfer Dashboard ownership



Not sure if this will work for your situation, but I did find a way to "transfer" ownership of a dashboard/report.  A little BACKGROUND, I was contracted by a consulting firm to develop, build and launch a new BI dashboard service/product, using Power BI.  To do that I had to access their client's data, build the dashboards on a test server, then transfer the dashboards to the production server and share the them with the client.  The problem was that once my contract ended, the firm would no longer carry my Office365 account, which is what I used to access Power BI and build the dashboards, making me the owner.



SOLUTION: To solve this I had a their client create an organizational Power BI account.  I then transferred the original reports/dashboards that I had built in Power BI DESKTOP on the test server, the production server. I then signed in under the client's org account and published the reports from there, thus making that person/account the "owner" of the dashboards.


EXPLANATION/PROCESS: Step 1: To transfer ownership you will require that a) the person you are transferring ownership to has their own Power BI account and b) You must have access to the original Power BI reports that were/are saved as Power BI Desktop files.

Step 2:  transfer the original Power BI Desktop reports to the person you want to give ownership of the dashboards to and instruct them how to open them, sign in to Power BI Desktop, and publish the reports/dashboards.


PLEASE NOTE: What you are actually doing is creating a new version/instance of the original dashboards on the Power BI Service, with the exception of ownership. Meaning that the new owner will also have to set up data gateways, scheduled refreshes, and re-share the dashboards with the people [including yourself] that need access.  The original dashboards that have you as the owner still exist and everyone that you have shared them with can still view them, unless you revoke access/stop sharing.



I hope this helps.

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