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Marcin Member

Tooltip in matrix not appear



I have created a report with matrix and tooltips pages , with auto option to present differen tooltip on different measure from matrix.

I have this problem that when I use it on desktop the toolips show correctly but after publish into web service they appear for like a some part of second and dissapear. 


Does anyone now what may cause the problem ? 



sdjensen Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Tooltip in matrix not appear

I strongly believe this is a bug in the services. I used reports with tooltips this morning without any issues, but now (14pm) I get the same experience as you describe - the tooltip popup and I can see data changing, but it's only visible less than a second and then it disapear again.

rbre Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Tooltip in matrix not appear

We have this exact same problem in our line charts reported by our users this morning. We are located in Norway. This is happening on our report page tooltips, where they display for an instant and then dissappear. It is working in Power BI desktop but not in Power BI service. 


DaFoZe Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Tooltip in matrix not appear


Got the same problem:


I've a several Power BI-reports that I use the superb popup functionality in.
So when you hover over a object in a visual component you get more detail information about the object for example.
My end users have used these report for a couple of months now but in the last days they have experienced
problems with the popup window.
When they hover over an object the popup shows and disappers within a second.
If they hover again over the object it shows and stays. But only if you do this on the same object again.
If they moves to the next object it only shows up for a second again.
A suspition is that the information in the popup have not finished loaded within some time limit and the popup closes.
This is a new behavior in Power BI Service.
I have tested IE , Edge and Chrome. Same behaviour.

The Power BI Service Reports gets its data from a on-premise datagateway and a SSAS tabular model on-prem.

It works fine in Power BI Desktop.

Seems like the threshold for the popup to close should be raised???


Regards / Magnus

quad1661 New Member
New Member

Re: Tooltip in matrix not appear

Same experience here. 

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Tooltip in matrix not appear



Have made a test but the tooltip works well on my side.(Will not disappear after a second). Would you share a sample pbix file to confirm if this issue is related to the specific visual?



Jimmy Tao

mstenport Visitor

Re: Tooltip in matrix not appear

HI, we are suffering the same issue and it is on all ToolTips. So no difference in where the ToolTip is created.

Started resently. Have been working fine until now.

It is in Power BI Services this appears. Desktop is working.

We are using Live Connection to SSAS Tabular models.


So first time the tooltip disapears after half a second and then hoovering again, it pops up ok.

Very annoying!



Have there been an update our patch on something on Power BI Services?

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