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Helper I
Helper I

Re: The key didn't match any rows in the table

SameSite is client-side and browser-specific. How would this at all affect a server-side data connection issue from PowerBI?

Helper II
Helper II

Re: The key didn't match any rows in the table

I just started having this issue. Does anyone have a solution?

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Re: The key didn't match any rows in the table

I have the same problem, that is, when I refresh the dataset that is connected to the dataflow, I have the same error.
My case is a little different, because I have two different tables in two different dataflows ...
I change the datafow and the entity via Parameters ...

Dataflows are successfully refreh
Dataset is refreshed with error.

I did a test using the same dataflow for the two different tables and then I was successful !!!😎
But I can't believe I can't use two different datafows via parameters ...🙄

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Re: The key didn't match any rows in the table

Hi everyone! i'm experiencing the same error but i just refresh the dataset. No dataflows or gateway.Pls help!is there any solution to this?

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Re: The key didn't match any rows in the table - I have it differently

Hi community,


Newbie here.  I've checked the thread and I think I am getting the error for an entirely different reason, probably related to my limited skill in M.   Removing my (system generated) Navigation step didn't work - it removed the label for the mail directory 🙂 .  I am not working with streams, nor am I working with database software or Excel.  I have certainly tried the several approaches to refreshing my source data with no success.


My process is to import all the e-mails in a subfolder and then process each one.  The body of each e-mail is text within which are eight parameters I want that I find be text manipulation after creating a table with each text line being a row.  This all works fine for the single case.  As soon as I try to process all the e-mails my code fails.  The text processing is done in a function I wrote called "ExtractSalesForce".  (This is an e-mail, I don't want to fetch from SalesForce directly.)


The screenshot of the error message shows the top of the text in the body of the e-mail.  The code fragment shows successful use of my function on a single e-mail, and the statement causing a problem.


The e-mails end up in the table "RemovedDuplicates".  It has one column named "Body.TextBody".  The 'Text.Replace' is to remove commas so they don't create a new record.  I change them to a hyphen so I can text match to find a parameter.  As commented, QueryTable2 has the desired information.  I then want to add a column to "RemovedDuplicates" that has a record in it generated by my function "ExtractSalesForce" (the eight parameters I want).  This is then expanded into the eight parameters (one per column) and the originating column deleted.


Here is the error text:


image001 (1).jpg











And the code fragment is:


    QueryTable2 = Table.FromRecords(ExtractSalesForce(List.Transform(Record.ToList(RemovedDuplicates{1}),

                        each Text.Replace(_,","," -"))  )  ),

/* this code works - QueryTable2 has the eight parameters of the second e-mail


    LoopOverQueries = Table.AddColumn(RemovedDuplicates,"NewRowQueryElements", each


                        each Text.Replace([Body.TextBody],","," -"))  ) ),


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to get this to work, including better code.


Michael J.

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