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Status Code 500

I am encountering a status code 500 message when I try to modify an existing dataflow. This happens for several dataflows. I can no longer save changes made to a dataflow. This is happening in dev, test, and prod. I first noticed it today. I was able to make changes to dataflows just a few days ago. These dataflows use Azure data, OneDrive Excel data, and Sharepoin Excel data. I need a solution soon. I have included the message below.

Activity ID: e6692389-130a-4c9e-b3d5-5871a71f7810
Request ID: 858e750c-d5a1-cecf-32c4-258bb85e425e
Correlation ID: 5307d1b1-620c-ea5a-0fcc-4bae3b5a9a40
Status code: 500
Time: Wed Jul 14 2021 16:45:14 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.16442.41
Client version: 2107.2.06866-train
Cluster URI: 

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No solution has been provided, but the issue went away on its own. Not really a solution. Maybe the man behind the curtain is resolving it without letting anyone know.

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I am having the same error with several dataflows. They all refresh normally, but as soon as I try to make a change and save, it pops up the internal error.

Activity ID: f2a10cd8-899e-44af-8d3d-f7fa139c20dc
Request ID: ee95b20e-ddd3-d141-75d9-4f1d8f3648cf
Correlation ID: e06f90e3-0cdf-d95c-5a17-b47bf9c0a9f1
Status code: 500
Time: Tue Jun 21 2022 11:42:45 GMT+0800 (Australian Western Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.18442.44
Client version: 2206.1.11664-train
Cluster URI:

This is still happening.My scenario is when I edit a query that has been set for incrimental refresh.  I edit it to pass the range params to a function that folds them into the sql for an odbc query.


    //Source = ODBC_BLP800CFBL(SalesOrdersSQL,pFrom, pTo)
    Source = ODBC_BLP800CFBL(SalesOrdersSQL,RangeStart, RangeEnd),
    #"Changed column type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source, {{"DATE", type datetime}}),
    #"SalesOrders-44415445-autogenerated_for_incremental_refresh" = Table.SelectRows(#"Changed column type", each DateTime.From([DATE]) >= RangeStart and DateTime.From([DATE]) < RangeEnd)


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I am also facing this same error since yesterday. It will be helpful if there is a solution other then setting up the dataflow in a new Workspace. I have got a number of queries and datasets and reports connected to the dataflow so it is not as simple as just recreating everything to a new Workspace.


Here is the error details:

Activity ID: 2d79afab-c064-4ed1-9deb-2e69cc225da4
Request ID: 9a98843f-5c87-06f0-ab63-078d3ea993cb
Correlation ID: 13d9ebf2-38d2-5e92-3b36-f0d9f656b124
Status code: 500
Time: Mon Nov 15 2021 19:49:25 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Service version: 13.0.17090.56
Client version: 2111.1.08596-train
Cluster URI:

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I am getting this same issue, I am unable to save dataflows. (even if i make the tiniest change). this is a good 4 months later, judging from the reply the engineers would have fixed this, is there anything else that can cause this error?


Activity ID: 37bb85ed-30e6-4ca6-8952-1f592525e04f
Request ID: 4be50041-4270-3601-d512-0f6befc4c84e
Correlation ID: 9af1a1df-31de-cddb-3dfa-ba82646a844f
Status code: 500
Time: Mon Oct 04 2021 10:38:41 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)
Service version: 13.0.16856.75
Client version: 2109.3.07961-train
Cluster URI:

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No solution has been provided, but the issue went away on its own. Not really a solution. Maybe the man behind the curtain is resolving it without letting anyone know.

I am having the same problem when trying to modify existing dataflow. 


Activity ID: c09c9d15-5940-4fb2-8425-f90fbebe5ba6
Request ID: ce1ff908-34f2-354b-1e2e-b92bbd75a777
Correlation ID: fca8c4b6-41ba-4f80-56ef-030c93f38028
Status code: 500
Time: Fri Sep 24 2021 09:58:35 GMT+0200 (czas środkowoeuropejski letni)
Service version: 13.0.16813.83
Client version: 2109.2.07785-train

Cluster URI:



Can i somehow report this issue to MS?



Support page had this appended to the message yesterday: "Engineers have identified the root cause and a fix is expected to be deployed by end-of-day 07/19/2021."

The message is now removed altogether so it should be resolved.

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Impactful Individual

Check the support page--this is a known issue.

EDIT: Message from the support page: "Power BI customers editing existing dataflows may experience errors with the following message: “Cannot perform this operation due to an internal error.” As a workaround customers can migrate their dataflows to a new workspace. Engineers have identified root cause, and an estimated time to mitigate will be provided shortly."

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