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BD Frequent Visitor
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Small business looking at pro licenses

I work for a small company around 200 employee's however only around 3-4 people would be creating reports.  I have been looking at power BI and was thinking of doing the P1 setup so that we would have ouor 3-4 pro users and the other free users could view the content published.  However the price tag was aorund the 5k a month range which I know will be turned down by my manager.  So for a case of our small company I know all users would have to have a pro license to view the reports which would still come out cheaper because at 10 a month for 200 people were still only at the 2k mark.  Anyways My question is


If everyone has a pro license can they freely change and edit things or can those options be turned off for certain pro users so my viewers dont accidentally edit or even delete certain reports?

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Small business looking at pro licenses

Hi BD,


Power BI premium license can meet your requirement very well. You can assign those member who can't edit the reports with free licenses. For details about premium, please refer to:



Jimmy Tao