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Sharing via hyperlink on Powerpoint doesnt work, copy the link does - previous solution stop workin

Hello everybody,


my question is regarding the sharing the dashboard via hyperlink. We put the link into PPT presentation, once we click on it, we get the log in page, and then the browser opened our homepage, not the dashboard.

When we try to copy the address of hyperlink with CTRL C and put it into the browser, it worked as it should and the specific dashboard was opened.


We would like to have the option to click on hyperlink and open specific dashboard. 


On a previous post ( @Greg_Deckler ) the solution was to add either ?noSignupCheck=1 at the end of your URL or &noSignupCheck=1 

this solution worked fine for a period of time but now it does not work anymore. it takes us to this page "".   

even the "view in powerbi" link generated by powerbi service when you export a report to powerpoint does not work

PLease Help


Super User
Super User

Hi @alberto999 


When you log into the Power BI Service, after the login it should prompt you with the option to keep you logged in. You should then click on yes and next time you click on the link it should just go to the dashboard?

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hi @GilbertQ , yes, I'm logged in. In fact, copy paste of the hyperlink  in the browser works fine, even clicking the same hyperlink from an e-mail.

The same exact hyperlink does not work if it is added to a a powerpoint presentation (when clicket it prompts us the log-in and than we land to Powerbi home page, not to the specific report)


I can add that we have a entreprise Powerbi subscription 

Hi, @alberto999 

Whether it is the hyperlink used to share the dashboard or the link in the downloaded PPT, after I re-enter the credentials, I can access it normally.

What browser are you currently using by default to access links? 

Please clear your cache or try setting another browser as default to access this link.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

Hello @v-easonf-msft ,

I've tried with chrome and edge. both of them with cache cleared.

Also many collegues of mine have tried and they have the same issue.


Do you have a "corporate" log-in? when we log in to powerbi we pass through a personalized Corporate log-in page. I'm starting thinking it could be the problem. even the hyperlink generated by powerbi when you export a .ppt from PBI service does not work. 😞

Hi, @alberto999 

Really weird, I logged in with my work account.

If the problem persists and you are a pro user, it is recommended to create a support ticket to let MS engineers check if it's a known issue. 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

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