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robarivas Member

Sharing difficulties

Having lots of difficulty sharing successfully with others in my organization. I have published some PBI Desktop files up to a private group workspace in I then created a dashboard for each report that is simply a text box with a custon link to the report. I then share those dashboards with people in the org that are not part of the group workspace. When they click on the dashboard, however, nothing happens. I also tried sending them the link to the report itself and the link does not work for them saying they are not part of the group.


So then I noticed that the workspace I'm sharing from is listed as private. I tried changing it to public but it wouldn't let me. So I decided to create another workspace ensuring that it is set to public. I then published a PBI Desktop file to the new public workspace. I then created a dashboard off of it and shared the dashboard. But the same problems still happen.


So it seems the only way I can share content is to actually add the person to the workspace. Once I do that I can share the link to the report and they access it. I believe the dashboard in this scenario then does successfully link.


Anyway, anyone have any idea why it seems that I can only successfully share reports and dashboards with functioning links to the reports is by adding intended recipients as members to the workspace (regardless of whether that space is set to private or public)?


I've also checked into browser and licensing. Neither of those two things appear to be the cause.

Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Sharing difficulties



In this scenario, your link is point to the source report. Currently, the only way to share the source report content to another user is adding that user into same group workspace. 


I don't know why you have to keep the link to report content. If it's just for rendering data, you can use "Publish to web" or create this report into a content pack and share it to other users.