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jseek Regular Visitor
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Sharing content packs outside of my organization

Hello!  Loving this product thusfar.


My question is around content packs.  Is there an ability to share a content pack outside of the organization?  I am unable to add email addresses outside of the organization.  Is there perhaps a setting in the admin console that allows for this content to be shared outside the organzation?


Example:  My company has Client X for whom we provide services and want to allow them to have some visibility to data we hold for them.  Can we add someone at Client X to view their dashboards and reports as a content pack.


Or is there a better way to achieve this?


Re: Sharing content packs outside of my organization

you can only share content with users in your power bi tenant.  unless your vendors or customers have an account in your AD, they won't be able to get your content