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Sharing a Dashboard with out sharing the data source

I am trying to share a dashboard that has a live connection to a Data Mart.  I do not want to give access to the Data Mart to everyone who needs to see the data, and I would like to control user access through securities profiles in Power BI.  Is there a way to share the dashboards with my credentials (so no one can access the DataMart behind it) and then use thier credentials to determine what they see in the dashboard?



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Re: Sharing a Dashboard with out sharing the data source

Hi there

Based on your question you are connecting to an SSAS Model, which would need to resolve the access through to a Windows domain, unless you are connecting through to Azure Analysis Services?

The only thing I could think of is that you first have to identify who the incoming user is, once that is done, you might have to translate this to another user (And this user would need to existing on your domain where the SSAS Instance is)

It might be possible, but in the way you are describing I am not sure that it is possible.

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