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Sharing Scheduled Refresh Dashboards between Pro & Free users

There is problem sharing scheduled refresh dashboard from Pro users to Free.


Pro user: Create a dataset,report with free user supported sources - Shedule for daily refresh, once in day..Warning it has pro content.

Free user: Create the same exact as above dashboard,sources - Shedule for daily refresh, once in day..No warnings, can share between free users.


It seems that when you try to schedule refresh as a Pro user it keeps your ability to schedule hourly and not actually counts the refresh intervals..This makes impossible for a Pro user to share any schedule refresh dashboard to Free users..even if is weekly sceduled ( always from supported sources by Free accounts )


@Sandy Are you aware of the behaviour?

(taking advantage the latest posts for support & mention you



Konstantinos Ioannou
Advocate I
Advocate I

Any update here on how Pro users can share a dashboard with free users even if the Pro dashboard is only refreshing Daily which the Free users can do as well?

I am curious if Power Update could be used by a free user to schedule updates that are more frequent. See the link below:

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Thanks..that was my purpose, to bring it to your knowledge..not answering me fast...which either way you do almost always...
Konstantinos Ioannou

Is there any resolution on this or is there a way to effect a refresh via code? We are hitting the same issue in a project and this could kill in an instant the use of Power BI. There are alternatives that would not cause this problem so I am keen to get this resolved.


@ells So far the only way is to upload and design the dashboard from a powerbi free account and share the dashboard through his account and not importing/design with powerbi pro account..Of course need to use only free refreshable features..( not on -prem ,live , only daily refresh )

Konstantinos Ioannou

I am looking at a multitude of data both on prem and cloud data solutions that will be used together to create dashboards. All I want is for that to be updated daily and viewable by Free license users. You want to share a scheduled dashboard within a global corporation you need to hire someone to refresh the dashboard or pay Pro for every member of that organisation.

There mustr be a way of accessing and start a manual refresh via code.



Since you are using on prem data there is no official way to share with Free users..Only way I can think is progamatically update PowerBI desktop ( windows task, powershell ?) in a local copy of onedrive..

Konstantinos Ioannou

Hi all,


i encounter the same issue.

I'm a Pro user of PowerBI and i create and share dashboard to top management of my organisation.

Each of them have a licence PowerBI Pro.


But i have also many request to share this dashboard to free user bu actualy it's impossible or complicated Man Sad

Each of my dashboard use web data source (no on-premise data) and i use schedule refresh only 1x per day.

So i thing i can share them with free user they can

There is an offical way to make them ?

Thanks for your help



Thanks for pointing this out @konstantinos, we'll investigate on our end. Just to be clear, tagging the ADMINs should NOT create the expectation of a faster response or anything like that. It will help us identify potential bugs, flag them, prioritize them and get back to the topic when is solved. It will be much better to use the new labels (which are mandatory) and tag messages with a good description.


We are on it! Thanks again!

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