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Advocate II
Advocate II

Sharepoint list showing as on-premise and not refreshing

Hi everyone, thanks for all the support so far from the community.


My datasets from sharepoint online are showing up as 'SharepointListOnPremise' under data source credentials in the PBI service and now they wont refresh the error specifically says that the data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid.. However it provides no valid options to set the credentials.


Strangely past datasets still work fine its only newly created ones that keep showing up as 'on premise' and wont refresh despite following the exact same process as always.


Is the powerbi service currently under maintenance or has support for sharepoint been dropped??


I would sincerely appreciate any help or input on this.



Advocate II
Advocate II

Big thanks to everyone in the community who has provided useful answers so far.


I have created and published a new project with a dataset stored on sharepoint online. Suddenly I am having trouble with the following error in PBI service when attempting to refresh the dataset:




The data added via sharepoint folder was imported into PBI desktop the same way as always without any errors. My past data sets from sharepoint still work perfectly and show functional credentials for the data source (as seen here):



My newly created project (as of today) shows an error here and a data source of "SharepointListOnPremise" which is not true at all as the data is definitely stored online in the same location as the other functional datasets in my PBI service.



Today I 'synced' the files on the Sharepoint directory with my machine and I am sure thats what has caused the issue. However I have deleted the entire directory, cancelled the syncing of sharepoint and recreated an entirely new project and data set to find the exact same issue now recurring...


I am very confused about whats happened here as the same reliable process of importing sharepoint data has suddenly yielded an entirely unfamilar result.


Please help me out here, any responses are appreciated

New Member

I have the same issue...




What authentication methods can you see after you click edit credentials? Is OAuth available in the method list?

Same issues have already been reported. I’ll keep an eye on them and post here if there is any update.


Invalid credentials on Sharepoint folder_1.jpg


Best Regards,


I'm experiencing the same issue. Would be good if we get an update about this soon.

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I am having exactly the same issue. Hope getting a solution for this soon. I have been struggling with OneDrive Business excel files to stay in sync with for 2 days and thank god I found this Chris Webb post ( to arrive to that solution, which seems the smartest. But at the moment this solution is not deliverable while the update cant be done. Please, we need some support in this!






Thanks for your help Herbert,


OAuth is not available in the list. My list is exactly the same as in the photo you posted.



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