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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

SharePoint credentials invalid - only in Service

In Power BI Service, my SharePoint credentials suddenly seem to fail when refreshing a dataset, for no apparent reason


  • This happens with multiple SharePoint sites
  • I can acccess all the sites directly (I'm an admin for them)
  • I can connect to the sites in Power BI Desktop to create and refresh a dataset connected to an Excel file in SharePoint
  • The invalid credentials issue only appears in Service when I refresh
  • Everything works for colleagues
    • If I follow the same process to create, publish and refresh the dataset under a colleague's login (whether on my device or theirs), it works
    • If I take over the dataset and refresh, I get the invalid credentials error
  • I get the same issue regardless of browser or device being used


It's nothing to do with the Power BI file, Power BI Desktop version or options (e.g. privacy setting), browser, device, or a basic lack of SharePoint access - there's something specific to the way Power BI Service authenticates with SharePoint that is failing


Everything was working until one day last week, then suddenly it's stopped


I've contacted MS but historically have had more success with community support than MS support, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to know - has been two weeks so far struggling with this!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Is there a gateway involved by any chance? I see you mentioned sharepoint so just checking if thats not an on premise one. The kind of error you experience is mostly when a gateway is involved and a user needs to be specifically added to the gateway cluster to be able to use that when he takes the dataset over.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Thanks for responding!


There's no gateway here, simply a connection to a SharePoint folder and then I extract the table from an Excel file

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