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ariankrakov Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Salesforce Refresh

Hi !! 

I am using only Salesforce and it´s does not refresh automathicaly. I tried adding a schedulled refresh but did not work. 


Any idea what I should be checking?



k3rz0rg Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Salesforce Refresh

Hi @ariankrakov, you're not the only one; I have multiple service reports whose data i'm fetching from salesforce and these days, it keeps dropping the credential from the dataset settings more frequently, almost every refresh (multiple times in single day).

I get email alert for refresh failure and have to re-enter the credential from the datasets (sometimes ask for password, sometimes just sign in) and then force refresh the data.

It is quite frustrating that MS is not focusing on the major connectors... 

rkoretoff Visitor

Re: Salesforce Refresh

@k3rz0rg& @ariankrakov, I'm having similar issues with the Salesforce data set refreshing. My desktop app is fine and displays everything as expected. However, something gets corrupted with the data set refreshing schedule. It feels like my Salesforce credentials fail to save within


I've also found that manual refreshing from the desktop app and republishing to the online version is a work-around, but I need the refresh schedule to work so my overseas stakeholders are not reliant upon me being plugged in 24/7.

k3rz0rg Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Salesforce Refresh

Hi @rkoretoff ,


the only workaround I found is having only one connection per report. Previously I had 3 to 4 table added to a report different times ended up having 3 connections. After multiple hour long conversation with the microsoft support guy, only useful solution he could come up with only if I could merge em all into single connection (which I didn't really wanna, that means re-creating the whole thing again); so I did re-create the report with one connection and added those tables all at once and running fine since then.

I re-polished other reports with salesforce connections and been working fine since then. Just marge em all into single link or minimize the number of connections. Hope that might work.



PaulCo Member

Re: Salesforce Refresh

I am pulling multiple reports from SFDC and excel sheets and they all seem to be working ok for the automatic refreshes. 


I am using a virtual machine which the IT department setup so that it is online all of the time. This is where I have the gateway installed. 


The excel sheets are on a shared drive which the Virtual Machine has access to. The only time I get issues is when the IT department does some maintenance and the VM goes offline. Other than that it works fine.