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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

SEVERE Lag when using slicers

PowerBI online always gets really slow in the afternoon. Also, since the last update, it's been SUPER slow all the time.

It make PowerBI bascially un-useable, which really sucks for a large company with hundreds of users.

I've resorted to opening up the desktop file and manually refreshing my reports. Unfortunately, my users don't have that capability and they are just stuck waiting for data.

New Member

We are also experiencing severe lag.  We have a weekly meeting on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am and 9:45am CST and have been unable to use the slicers during our meeting (make the meeting a waste of time).  I would really like some feedback on a timetable to address so that we can put an alternate solution in place if necessary.

Exactly. We would be having meetings with lots of users each week trying to use PBI. This needs to be fixed!!

Would be nice if Microsoft made this work or had a Pro++ which would work. Very frustrating 😞


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@all, thanks all for providing here the details. I already tried to involve other senior engineers helping this issue. I will post back once I got any updates. 

Just adding my voicce to this - having massive load time issues here. Plus there is another thread here that sounds like a bunch of people with the same issues. @Vicky_Song

UGGG - I'm on a conference call with 15 managers and PBI just stops working after 15 minutes.... Everything is just spinning Smiley Sad  This is embarrassing Smiley Sad


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@All, I'm sorry for the issue you are facing, it is now reported to the product team and our engineers are working on it.

@Vicky_Song any updates?

Is this a known issue?

Timeline for a fix?

Anywhere we can check for progress?

This is by far our biggest problem with PowerBI. Any information would be much appreciated.



Frequent Visitor

@Vicky_Song - will there be an update on the performance remediations that have (hopefully) taken place on the US North Central servers? We've had a number of clients have issues with performance and it seems like every load of a dashboard last week was a coin toss as to if it would render properly or not. I'd love an update, similar to the monthly desktop features/enhancements that focuses purely on the reliability and performance of the SaaS product. I view this as far more important than any new modeling or data source connections or updates.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@Akahn@Jbean1250, I already reported this issue to our PG engineers, and our engineers are actively working on it. I will post back for any updates from the PG site. Sorry for the inconvenience it brings you. 

Hi @Vicky_Song, In case this helps the engineers, I wanted to let you know I'm experiencing the issue again this morning.

Frequent Visitor

@Vicky_Song Vicky - maybe I missed it, but was there ever a post mortem about the performance issues posted for the North Central region anywhere? Personally, all of our clients on that infrastructure seem to be having better performance, but just wondering what the issue was or if there are any details you can share.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@Akahn@Jbean1250 thanks for reporting it. I'm trying to involve other senior engineers to have a check on this issue. Will post here for any updates. 

Not working again now 😞  It was working great for the past 2 weeks though...

Looks like it was down for about 20 minutes 😞 Seems to be back up 🙂

Advocate II
Advocate II

@Akahn - thanks for your post. I work for a billion dollar company and this is happening to me too all the time! I hope it gets fixed soon!!!

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@Akahn, do you still get the issue now? I tried but failed to reproduce the same issue on my side. What is your time zone? 


We have extreme lag issues almost every workday between 2-5 PM EST

Severe lag occurs for all users and the dashboards become useless for hours at a time. I think it's probably high Microsoft server load, but whatever the cause it's really horrible. We get a continuous stream of complaints from our many users, all of which have pro licenses.




I’ve reported the performance issue you encountered internally to see if it is a real site issue. I’ll update here once I get any feedback.


Best Regards,


Just adding our voice to the list of those affected.  @150 Pro users unable to use the service here.  Problems have been sporadic in the past but the last week or so has been really bad.  I'd estimate about a 10-15% uptime/useability for our company over the last 7-10 days.  

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