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skocheta Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Restrict access to Reports and Dashboards in Power BI

I am working on a scenario where I consume Data from Dynamics 365 and some other web sources to generate visual reports in Power BI. I have RLS enabled with a set of Roles and users assigned to those roles.

The Dashboards that I create, are specific to individual Roles but are based on Same Data Source (Filtered via RLS).

These Dashboards are then Integrated into Dynamics 365.

My issue is:

  • A User can move to Power BI (Via "Open in Power BI" button)
  • Once user is in Power BI, he is able to see all reports, and dashboards (although filtered to his access via RLS)
  • All users only have view access so they can't access the Dataset

Is there a way via which users get access to only selected Dashboards and Reports and we can hide the other reports/dashboards from Left pane just like it happens for Data Set.

PS: We are using Power BI Premium and Workspace are assigned premium capacity. All the users who are added to RLS, automatically get added to Workspace and that's probably Why they are able to see all content.

Hardik Established Member
Established Member

Re: Restrict access to Reports and Dashboards in Power BI

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Restrict access to Reports and Dashboards in Power BI

Hi skocheta,


So your requirement is make people only see contents they can see, right? Dynamic RLS can meet your requirement, for more details, see this post:



Jimmy Tao