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Report design not refreshing with updated .PBIX

Hi - new Power BI user here and have a weird Power BI issue..
We have a .PBIX file that is used as the dataset for multiple reports.  We recently made changes to the PBIX, published the file, and it shows that the dataset has been refreshed (and if i click "download pbix from the powerbi website, I know it worked becuase it downloads the correct pbix file).
However, when I click on the report itself, it doesnt seem to inherit the DESIGN changes made to the PBIX file and still uses an older version, but has any updated DATA from the dataset refresh.  In fact, same as above, if I click that report and choose download .pbix file, it still downloads the old pbix version, not the new version published to the databset. 
Is there any way to "refresh" the template of the report so that it correctly inherits the changes from the pbix that was published to the dataset?  And any idea why this happens?
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Super User

Hi @AMarks ,


This is really strange. Usually you re-publish, refresh the browser tab and the layout changes will appear in screen.


You can try to open in incognito mode once just to make sure cache is not affecting the report.

Once you re-publish successfully, go to workspace and refresh the browser and then open report.

Also, I'm assuming you reloaded/refreshed the browser tab before checking the layout changes.


I somehow have a feeling that you re-published the report but then didn't refresh the browser or refresh the report from services itself.


Turn off persistent filters from pbix so that filtering is not saved in services.


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@Anand24 this has lasted across multiple computers and users, its not a local cache thing..  it is possible that its a user error, as I am new to Power BI, but for whatever reason, the report does not get the updated visuals from the PBIX after I publish it to my workspace. 


thanks for the help!



I hope you are talking about refreshing the report present in workspace and not the report in "Publish to web" embed link. If its the latter, then it can take upto 6 hours to reflect changes.


If you feel you have refreshed the browser tab and still the changes are not reflected in the report in workspace, then i suggest you to raise a support ticket because this is not at all expected and should probably be a bug. Link



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@AMarks - No, that sounds really weird and not correct at all. If you download the PBIX, make changes, re-publish, overwrite your dataset/files then the next time you download the PBIX it should have the changes that you made. I've done this countless times. You could check the Issues forum here:

And if it is not there, then you could post it.

If you have Pro account you could try to open a support ticket. If you have a Pro account it is free. Go to Scroll down and click "CREATE SUPPORT TICKET".

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the weird thing is that it does update the PBIX associated with the dataset, just not the pbix associated with the report (that is aligned to the dataset)

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