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granthworth Regular Visitor
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Report Page Permissions

Hello all,


I am finally getting somewhere with setting up a user-friendly access point for all of my company's dashboards and reports. If you saw my other thread on this topic, you would know that I was struggling to find a solution for us.



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This is how I have it structured until Microsoft eventually adds features that will make this process much easier. 


All users initially open a bookmarked chromeless Live Page dashboard in their browser. This dashboard has 6 text boxes formatted with hyperlinks to categorical reports (Safety, Quality, Productivity, etc). When the user clicks the "Quality" hyperlink, he/she is taken to the Quality report (also chromeless) which has 3 pages for our 3 different sites across the country. 


Now, this is where I am struggling...

I would like to restrict access to certain pages of the reports. For instance, users at the Tuscaloosa, AL location do not need viewing access to the Finance report for the Detroit, MI facility. Our executives obviously would need access to all sites, however. Each of these report pages will be associated with its own data source. Is there any way to accomplish this? I created a test report with two different data sources. However, when I tried to create a content pack, I noticed both data sources were combined into one dataset and it could not be "deselected" from the content pack.


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Report Page Permissions

@granthworth Have you considered Row Level Security for each of your datasets? You will be able to achieve what you after with RLS. It is still in preview but has been working for me to restrict the level of data user sees in a report.

EdwardAdamssdf Frequent Visitor
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Re: Report Page Permissions

is that mean there is no way to put permission restriction on page leve?