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anjchatt New Member
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Registering id for Power BI



I am getting following error while trying to register my id in Power BI,


Your IT department has turned off signup for Microsoft Power BI. Contact them to complete signup.


My organization is using Windows 7 and Office 2013. Could you please help me on this. Can I update any local setting in my computer to resolve this issue ?




Super User
Super User

Re: Registering id for Power BI

@anjchatt This sounds like whoever is in charge of your Office365 environment has configured it to stop ad hoc sign up. You need to get ahold of the administrator to either add a license for you, or talk to them. You won't be able to do this from your machine.

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Moderator GuyInACube

Re: Registering id for Power BI

I agree with @Seth_C_Bauer. It is either that your organization has restricted adhoc sign ups, or you acquired O365 from a partner which has adhoc subscriptions disabled by default. Not sure how your organization is setup.  If your organization is managed by your IT group, and they have disabled adhoc subscriptions, they will need to assign either a Power BI (free) license, or purchase Power BI Pro and assign that license to you.


If you acquired O365 via a partner, see the following.

Unable to add Power BI to Office 365 partner subscription



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