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Reference tables data not refreshing on Service

Hallo everyone,


I am dealing with a strange behaviour on PBI-Service. I have my fact-data "SD_Data" a reference table "3-5_Customer_Fact_ProdOpt" which is a simple group by on the SD_Data table.


When I am refreshing my data on my Desktop, everything is working fine. But if I make the refresh on the service, the 3-5-Table won't get any refresh. But my SD-Data does. I am working with only a small dataset on my Desktop and want to make a bigger load on the service, thats exactly where the problem occurs.


I permitted "enable load" and "include in report refresh" for both tables in the query editor. I even tried to add a step in my m-code as "Table.Buffer(PreviousTable)" - no reaction. Other tables which are also referenced on SD_Data have the same behaviour.


I load SD_Data via import-mode from SAP Business Warehouse.

Version is 2.85.985.0 64-bit (September 2020)

Our Service has Premium capacity


Anybody an idea what could be the cause?


Thanks a lot in advance!

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Verknuepfer ,


What is the error message that you are receiving when you try to refresh the table that fails?


I would appreciate Kudos if my response was helpful. I would also appreciate it if you would Mark this As a Solution if it solved the problem. Thanks!

Hi @collinq ,

thanks for messaging. I don't receive any kind of error message, thats what make me struggle so hard. Everything seems to do as it shoud - but the reference tables are not refreshed.



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