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Helper II
Helper II

Real time weather data with Powerbi using Flow


I have been trying to create real time weather data. Intially i tried with PubNUb. Though i succeded i couldnt set location. 

Now i am tring using Flow

Step 1) Set up your flow

Step 2)  Add the tile to your dashboard


 in step 1, I created flow, but i didnt understand the following step

Annotation 2020-06-14 121637.png

Can anybody expian we what is this step?





Accepted Solutions
Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Use 'Get currect weather' instead of 'Get forecast for today'. I think you need current weather, not forecast.

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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

On your previous step you already created a streaming dataset (it's like a table with, for example, 'Date Time', 'Temperature' and 'Wind Speed' fields).



Now, in the Flow, you need to select your workspace, dataset name and table name (table name is 'RealTimeData' always). Once you selected the above you'll see a list of your streaming dataset table fields (created in Power BI Service).

You need to put cursor into each of the fields and assign 'dynamic content' to this field. Dynamic content is what your data connector provides (in your case 'Get current weather' connector provides different weather related variables).

For example, put cursor into the Temperature field and you see pop up window with a list of dynamic content provided by 'Get current weather' connector, find Temperature variable and click on it to add to the field:


It's just to match your dataset fields with data fields provided by the weather connector.

Once you are aware with the list of available weather variables you can go back to Power BI and add additional fields to the data set.

For example, add 'Dewpoint' field to the data set (there is a typo in my field name, it's not a problem because you're going to match Dewpoint variable with Devpoint field manually):



Go back to Flow, reload your flow and you'll see your new Devpoint field:


Hello @avatorl 

Thanks a lot. it was helpfull. I followed all your steps

1)Defined streaming API data in powerbi

2)Defined flow


3)Defined new tile


But unfortunately my dashboard  is empty, i dont see any data



Why is it so, am i doing something wrong?





Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I assume your flow is running with no errors, right?

1) You see this? It means "show only last 1 minute on a graph", but you're refreshing your data one per minute. Increase 'time window to display' to last for example 10-15 minutes.

2) Also you used 'Forecat Date' variable. Probably it returns just a date instead of date-time.
Use 'Last Updated' variable for your Time field.

Hello @avatorl 

Thank you

I increased to 5 minutes and now its showing me results.

Annotation 2020-06-14 211144.png


For time, i used date, i dont see "Last updated" in dynamic contents. is it strange?





Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

It's ok. I think we just used different weather connectors.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Use 'Get currect weather' instead of 'Get forecast for today'. I think you need current weather, not forecast.

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