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gooranga1 Senior Member
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Re-publishing Date Slicer as relative

I found a little thing today that flummoxed me for a few hours. 


I was republishing a pbix file where I had chnaged the date slicer to be a relative date slicer. No matter how many times I republished the report online would not update the date slicer which was still showing as a 'between' rather than 'relative'. 


Publishing to a test workspace worked fine no problem but the existing report would not update. Then I noticed that the 'reset to default' button was highlighted. I reset to defaut and it re-assigned the date slicer from between to relative.


I just thought I would post in case anyone else flails around for an hour wondering why the heck the format doesn't update!



slicer default.PNGReset to Default

DateSlicerDeploy.PNGdesktop version vs power bi service version 

Super User
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Re: Re-publishing Date Slicer as relative

That is a good tip to know, that would be due to the Slicer states being saved as part of the "Reset to Default" so in order for it to forget the users setting it would then need to be reset.
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PowerBIvragen Frequent Visitor
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Re: Re-publishing Date Slicer as relative

@gooranga1 You are awesome, thanks! Stumbled upon this problem today Smiley Tongue