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Shafeek New Member
New Member

Quick Question on Premium & Pro Users

Hello everyone,


I'm researching premium's pros & cons for a client and I have a quick question on the role of Pro Users within Premium. In addition to many other things, Premium is a way of providing reports/dashboards for non-pro members within the organization who need to consume reports quickly within their assigned workspaces. That being said, will the organization have to maintain Pro Licenses for analysts within the org who will be creating & publishing these reports, or does the premium package contain pro licenses for these analysts without additional costs?


For example, let's say Org X purchases a P1 SKU and has 3 analysts. Will the monthly cost be $5k (P1) + $30 (3 pro licenses for the 3 analysts)?


Thank you for your help and clarification.

Super User
Super User

Re: Quick Question on Premium & Pro Users

@Shafeek Consider Power BI Premium as an "Add on" to Pro. All report authors, app workspace members, etc. (essentially your analysts) will need to retain their Pro license. So it is +30 if there are 3 content creators.

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