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PowerBIFed Frequent Visitor
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Question: formatting a report

When I am formatting a report to be converted to a PPT, how do I align the tiles and the text boxes that overlay them so that the heights are standard?  Also, when I convert to PPT the text in my text boxes, which look fine in my report, don't format correctly on top of the tile and the text gets moved into the tile, it just doesn't look clean.  Any tips for formatting my reports so that they resemble the dashboards I create when converting to PPT?  

RMDNA Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Question: formatting a report



On your first point, I would use "snap to grid" in your report to get consistent sizes for visuals. Not sure about your second question.

Kasunpathirana Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Question: formatting a report

If the result you are looking to show in the Power Point I woul rather use to show in real time in Power Point.


Use office addin Web Viewer or Power BI Tiles and then you can embedd the real time report to the Power Point