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nick93 Member

Publish to Web doesn't work



I built a report on PBI Desktop from a SQL Server database, then I published it to my PBI Service and then I published it to a website. It looked to be good. Then I tried to add a new data, to modify one of the already existing data and to create a new report page on PBI Service.


Then I refreshed the website where I published my report and what happens is puzzling: sometimes my refreshes really update the report, sometimes only the modified data are updated, sometimes no updating is done. The senseless thing is that when the data are well updated, when I refresh them again they often get back to the previous situation when they were not updated! Updating comes and goes. I could understand if it needs about an hour to be done, but it gets done soon and immediately later it disappears.


How is it possible?


Thank you very much

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Re: Publish to Web doesn't work

Is this import mode or Direct Query?


Regardless, probably has to do with caching. Publish to Web tends to cache stuff.

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nick93 Member

Re: Publish to Web doesn't work

@Greg_Deckler thank you again


The database I am using to built the report I published to Web is in Direct Query mode. Is it a problem? I need it.


What does it mean "Publish to Web tends to cache stuff" ?