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admiralman Member

Publish to Web - Microsoft can display my report anywhere they wish?



Went to create a new embed code and I noticed new language on the Embed code warning. This was not here a few months ago.


So Microsoft can unilaterally take my report and publish it anywhere they wish? Absolutely ridiculous.




Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Publish to Web - Microsoft can display my report anywhere they wish?

Hi @admiralman,


If you concern the data privacy, please reference:


It's obviously we can only do some general discussion here. 

1. "Publish to web" is a wonderful feature of Power BI, which is accessible to the whole Internet. At the same time, Power BI also has a private publish function -- "Embed in Sharepoint Online", which is an easy way to securely share Power BI reports in internal sites. So different scenario, different solution.

2. As mentioned above, "Publish to web" publishes reports to the whole world. I think this prompt is important and necessary.

3. One feature of "Publish to web" is sharing to the social media. Publish to Web - Microsoft can display my report anywhere they wish.jpg


















I think "Publish to web" is designed for those data that can be shared and is wanted to be shared.


Best Regards!




Community Support Team _ Dale
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admiralman Member

Re: Publish to Web - Microsoft can display my report anywhere they wish?

My concern would be data privacy and according to the message, Microsoft can post my reports including my data without my knowledge or consent simply by me creating an embed code. I don't even have to use that embed code in a public website...they can simply post it because it has been created.


The statement that simply by creating an embed code makes it available to the internet as misleading as saying that my email account is available to the internet. They both are "available to the internet" if you know the password or the embed code but if you dont you can't access it. 


Reposting something that is placed into the public domain by someone with the authority to do so is one thing. However, when I pay for a Pro license and create a report, Microsoft should not be able to utilize their access to my paid for account to place my information into the public domain. They have that ability and say that they can do it with this message. Once again to use the Outlook analogy, if I take an email message from my account an post it on the internet that is one thing but Microsoft can't do that without my authorization. 


Finally, I can't subscribed to the "designed for" argument. Technology is not about what it is designed for but rather how it can be used. If we only used technology the way it was designed for there would never be innovation.