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elsa New Member
New Member

Problems with dataset retrieved from VSO

I'm connecting to VSO from PowerBi and trying to display basic reports.


When preparing the dataset, I'm selecting the fields from the Work Items section like "Title", "Assigned to name" and "WorkItemType". I have a total of 4 tasks only in VSO, however when I add the field “Title”, I get in the reports duplicate rows for some of the tasks. (the same task may appear 4 or 5 times).
I think that every time I edit the task in VSO a new record of the task appears here. How can I stop that? also is there a way to edit these queries to make it select distinct work item id?


Would very much appreciate some advice.

Super User
Super User

Re: Problems with dataset retrieved from VSO

Hmm, I connected to my VSO account and took a look. I am definitely seeing what you are seeing. I note that Title is the only item in Work Items that has that particular little icon next to it. Not entirely sure what that icon represents. In any case, I would take a look at the "Parent..." items. Work Items definitely seems to have a row per edit to an item, as I notice that I have several entries with nobody assigned and then one entry which is when I assigned an item to myself. Using "Parent User Stories | User Story" seemed to resolve the issue, it gave me the title to the user story and removed the duplicate rows once I unchecked "Title" in "Work Items".

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skmcken Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Problems with dataset retrieved from VSO

I get the same issue. If you look at the Work Item, you will notice its because of Version Changes. I haven't been able to roll the data up yet to only show the latest Version however.