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Problem with automatic refresh - data source not supporting refresh


Wondering if someone could help me out on a problem with refreshing an uploaded report.


Error message: Unable to refresh the model (modelid=xxxx) because it references an unsupported data source


I have created a report using the PowerBI desktop. The report is set up to get data from a Project Online instance (pwa) and also from several project rooms (sharepoint). The data from the project rooms are pure Sharepoint lists and the project rooms are subareas of the pwa-instance. From the desktop client update works fine. I upload the report, but when I try to refresh from the web, it fails with the error message specified above.  (BTW: I have filed a support ticket on the matter, but still no feedback on it:( )


The report is set up with some staging queries. I have one configuration query which is manually set up in the editor. I use this to easily filter out project etc that I want to get data about. When accessing the OData api in pwa i use settings in here to filter data. When accessing Sharepoint project rooms, I use informasjon from ProjectID query (which also access to Prosjektsettinger) to get the sharepoint list service url for each project.




I would also axcept then when I had published the report to web, that I would be able (and required) to edit/enter credentials for the report, but the option is not there at all. I have other reports working fine with automatic refresh so I have no clue what I hit this error. As I have spent a lot of time creating these reports I also are reluctant to throw it away.


Could it be a bug in PowerBI?






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Was there any update/workaround about this?

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Hi, I'm have same problem with automatic refresh model with Odata datasource on Power BI service.
But when i change length of fields names that has numeric type to 10-12 chars (by add "rename fields" step in Power Query) - auto refresh option was appear.
So, i'm think problem in long fields names. May be because my fields in "russian" and unicode is double physically fields length vs english names.


Try to change the length of numeric type fields names in model 


Sorry for my English ;-)))



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Thx for reply. I am hoping to be able to avoid doing this to fix my report as I need to rename a lot of fields and the fields have user friendly names (more or less). If it is so that your solution will fix it, then I feel that this is a bug.

I have filed the incident and have just recently received notification that the PowerBI team are now looking at my incident.


I will let you know if/when this is resolved.




Did this work for you ? I get the same issue. 

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Hi, I have been in extensive contact with support regarding this. The claim it is by design, see last answer below.


I found a post for idea which I voted upon, I do encourage you to vote on it to:


The last answer was:

Hi Thomas,


I have just received information from the product group and they have let me know that using dynamic queries within Power Bi Online which is the cloud, it will not be effective with using dynamic queries and instead will need static queries.


Within the cloud (Power BI Online) there are complexity limits, and with this it is effective to say that when accessing the data it is not able to analyze the parameters because they were too dynamic.


At this moment this is a “By Design” issue which makes it not possible at this moment in time.


Hi @Anonymous, do you know if the "By Design" issue applies to parameters within Web.Contents as well?


I am parameterizing my query GetEntry with the following code: 


   Query1 = (ID as number) as table =>
   Source = Csv.Document(Web.Contents("" & Number.ToText(ID)),[Delimiter=",", Columns=17, Encoding=1252, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.None]), ...


where GetEntry is used to populate a custom column. I have set up my parameterization as per the exampe given in


When trying to refresh in Power BI service, I am also getting the error message "Unsupported data source".


Any ideas? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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I think that any string concatintation in building source url will cause the refresh to fail.

Hi, thanks for the prompt response. Do you happen to know if we could work around this using the Power BI gateway?


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