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Premium Apps



I have noticed that you can still publish apps even if the workspace isn't listed on premium capacity. 


What benifit/cons does publishing an app that's not with premium capacity have? 

What are the benefits of apps on premium capacity?

nirvana_moksh Established Member
Established Member

Re: Premium Apps

Below are the advanatges of having PBI Premium:

  1. Having dedicated capacity or PBI Premium gives you dependable performance in regards to large volumes of data and this performance varies based on which kind of capacity you buy. 
  2. Not all users require pro license to view content in capacity that is on premium
  3. Per data set can be larger than 1 GB

So publishing an app for a WorkSpace on premium capacity basicaly gives you the above benefits, opposed to these being absent for apps for WorkSpaces based on Shared Capacity.



Thank You