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Powerpoint Export

When I try to export my report to Powerpoint, everything seems to work fine, but the resulting pptx has only 57 kB and cannnot be opened.

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Re: Powerpoint Export


The feature "export to powerpoint" is still in preview and actually has some known issue. Product team is working on a fix. In you case, could you try to edit the report, click save and then "export to powerpoint"?

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Re: Powerpoint Export

Ok, Edit the report, Save and Export produved a new pptx with size of 493 kB, but it still could not be opened.


At the moment, Export is completely impossible:


Export in PowerPoint ist nicht möglich.
Wir konnten Ihren Bericht nicht in eine PowerPoint-Datei exportieren.
Versuchen Sie es später noch mal, oder wenden Sie sich an den Support. Geben Sie die folgenden Details an, wenn Sie sich an den Support wenden.


ZeitWed Mar 22 2017 11:25:17 GMT+0100