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pavansharma_k Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

PowerQuery not refreshing on OneDrive



My excel workbook has the following solution implemented:


The solutions is to loop through multiple excel files on OneDrive into one. The excel has the following sheets:

  • Sheet1(Home Page): This has a table with a Key-Value pair. Key stands for the department and value is the path of the files on SharePoint
  • Sheet2: This sheet has the data from all the files mentioned in the Sheet1.



This is implemented using the power query. I’ve created a custom function in Power query to loop through the files in the table mentioned above and get the data.

The function to pull the data looks like this:




This solution works perfectly when I refresh from my excel desktop.

When I place the file on one drive and open the same excel on the browser and hit refresh connection I see the following error:




Inputs on troubleshooting this error will be appreciated.