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Re: PowerBI refresh fail - Expression Error.

Hi @dstramilov@ianbarker@NickEtch@Mattnade@thiagozaiden


I too gets same error. How do you resolved the schedule refresh error. I didn't get refresh even 1 times. I am often getting one of my table gets error. but if I refresh manually in desktop I didn't face any consequence. But while republish to web I am getting same error in manual refresh and schedule refresh. I am trying to set schedule refresh more than a month. I have gone through whole community resolved solutions. done everything but don't know why the error occurs and where it occurs. Please help me to resolve.Client database is not in my location. We are working with different timezones.

 Message: The command has been canceled. Table: XYZ.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: faa39a5b-df3a-41e4-b223-a12a728844fa
Request ID: 62fdc4fc-2bd0-403e-9bf3-5e08d7b7c0e2
Time: 2018-09-17 20:39:37Z

Thanks In Advance,