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PowerBI Service IP range

My dataset gets data from our organization's own SQL server. The organization has a tight security policy and the SQL server that hosts our data only allows connections from a predermined range of IPs. I need to provide the SQL server admin with the IP range used by the PowerBI App Service so that I can configure dataset refresh from the PowerBI online service.


Microsoft provides a json file that with a list of IPs used by microsoft services that is updated regularly.

However, it is not clear to me that which of the IP ranges listed in this file is the one used by PowerBI Service. Can anyone help by telling which one?

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You need open/whitelist for IP traffic from Power BI server to your data source.
Test my Power Query Editor code. Upload it to your workspace and update the data. Now you get the PBI server's ip address..

    Source = Table.FromColumns({Lines.FromBinary(Web.Contents(""))}),
    #"IP-address" = Table.RenameColumns(Source,{{"Column1", "IP address"}})

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/Raymond Erming/

Greate @erming 

But do you have any information about the consistancy of this IP adress. I.E. will it change over time, workspaces or platforms (Shared versus premium instances)?

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Hi there

If you are using the Power BI On-Premise Gateway this will complete the refreshing for you.

All that you would need to provide is the IP Address of the server where you have got the On-Premise Gateway installed. This is what will be used to connect to the SQL Server.

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Unfortunately the on premises gateway is not an option. My organization does not want to maintain any server or desktop machines, even the SQL server is managed by a consulting company. At the moment it looks like providing the SQL server admin with the correct IP range for PowerBI Service is my only option to avoid having to constantly update datasets manually by refreshing reports from PowerBI desktop.

Hi there even with DirectQuery you still have to have a On-Premises Gateway for the 2 worlds to connect.

So without the Gateway you will have to manually refresh the reports and update them. There is a product called Power On which could do this for you?

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