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PowerBI Rest API - Need Help


I m created my dataset by Power Bi Api

but if  add any new tables in it its create a same name new dataset bcz of that i have to create my all report s which created by old dataset i have to create it again bcz of new dataset.



Is it any way to update old dataset?

or i can use new dataset in old report?


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Re: PowerBI Rest API - Need Help

Hi @nupursolanki,


As far as I know, adding new tables to an existing dataset with Power BI Rest API is not supported currently.


In order to add a new table, we need to recreate the whole dataset, which means we have to recreate all the reports for the new dataset (I don't think there is an option to avoiding this currently). So I would suggest you submit your requirement on Power BI Ideas to improve Power BI on this feature. Smiley Happy