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Power BI licensing options

Hi everyone,


I am relatively new to Power BI. I have installed the Power BI pro trial version on my system and have created dashboards and reports successfully. Now I am confused as to what type of licensing my organization should opt for? My scenario is:


Power BI connects to one Sharepoint site to read the .CSV file(Data) and refreshes the report accordingly. This report is inturn embedded into another Sharepoint site for Users to view the Dashboard.


 Now maybe there will be 2-4 users who may actively create content or work on the report. The rest of them are consumers of this report on Sharepoint. What kind of licensing model would work in this case? Thanks in advance for all the guidance.

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Re: Power BI licensing options

This is going to depend on how many consumers you have. 


This should help:


As well as these:


You will definitely need Pro for your readers, or Premium, in your circumstance. Which way you go will depend on how many readers you have. The number is about 500 when you want to go to Premium.

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Re: Power BI licensing options

Hi Greg,


Thanks for the reply. At my organization, There will be around 2 to 3 Report Developers(Content Authors) and about 30 Consumers of that report.  Which pricing model do you think will best suit this scenario? Thanks in advance.