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Helper I
Helper I

Power BI Service stopped refreshing since 5 days

I have 4 datasets and have OneDrive Refresh enabled. 3 of them just stopped refreshing for no clear reason for me.


Last one was a success. I don't understand whats' the problem.. 


The 3 last attemps were success. what is the problem? 


I tried disabling and enabling again OneDrive Refresh, sign in again.


Details Type Start End Status Message

 Scheduled10/09/2019, 20:02:3310/09/2019, 20:03:10Completed 
 Scheduled10/09/2019, 19:54:3010/09/2019, 19:55:04Completed 
 Scheduled10/09/2019, 19:46:3410/09/2019, 19:47:08Completed



Community Support
Community Support

HI @bonny666 ,

AFAIK, scheduled refresh will pause after two months of inactivity. I'm not so sure if this also suitable for onedrive refresh.
Can you please share some detail informations to help us clarify your scenario?

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Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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I don't think this answer is relevant.


This file is very "active". There are changes all the time.


I see nowhere a message saying that it stopped beacuse of inactivity and it says OneDrive refresh is enabled.


I just see that last attempt was on 10 September. No explanation, nothing.

I think that the connection between the source file and PowerBI service is somehow disconnected.


However, there's no way to check anything in PowerBI service. When I  go into the settings of the dataset, i can just do EDIT CREDENTIALS with some sign in option and this does absolutely nothing. There's no way to check what is the path of the file, for example? 


If I will delete the dataset it will delete all the reports based on this dataset, so i will lose hours of work. Correct?


How do I solve this issue? 


I need to know if this kind of things can be resolved easily or the dataset connection be reseted WITHOUT DELETING ALL MY REPORTS attached to it. There are no tools to resolve anything, no settings, nothing. I am wasting time and embarrassing myself in front of customers. There's no way to check or resolve anything. I need a reliable tool, not a toy that will work whenever it feels like.

Please help asap. if there is no solution, then at least I am going to start using another tool asap.



HI @bonny666 ,

What mentioned you publish your report? (publish to power bi service or direct upload to onedrive/sharepoint, then use power bi service to get data from shared folder)

If you mean your report are published to onedrive, it not triggered refresh when report data source updated.(uploaded report file not auto update when you datasource updated, it only triggered when uploaded report changes)

In addition, you can also submit a support ticket to get better support from power bi team.(it is free for pro and above license)


Xiaoxin sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Helper I
Helper I

Please help.. I need my report running. This is emberrassing in front of my customer.

I don't see any option to resolve it. The refresh functionality has not many options..

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