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ame54 Frequent Visitor
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Power BI Self service and collaboration

 I still don't fully get how the Power BI architecture for enterprise deployment is designed.

I have some experience with Qlik Sense and its structure for enterprise and self service, there:

  • Main developer through IT team publishes his application to the organization
  • Published application is shared inside a stream, which i guess is equivalent to workspace for Power BI
  • Users allowed to edit the application can change the application and add new charts to it, when this happens a new copy is created and the original application does not change
  • Data sources and data refresh is managed by IT team setting refresh interval for the data sources
  • IT management can view all components created by users even the edited copies of published apps and can manage them if anything is needed.


So far, specifically the self service and allowing users to collaborate and let users edit and modify published apps to their liking while still not affecting the original, is topic i still don't get how it is achieved.

Also, how will these applications be managed and administrated.


Any info or help to find correct online resources, so far i have been unsuccessful, is appreciated.

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Re: Power BI Self service and collaboration

Hi @ame54


With regards to your questions, the one way you could do it is for a developer to create the Power BI dataset (Model) and upload it into an App Workspace.


Then the users who have Read or Edit Access to the same App Workspace would then be able to directly connect via Power BI Desktop.

Here is a link to how this can be done:


Currently if you want to create a set of reports and dashboards this can be done via the Organizational content pack, but this soon will be replaced via the App experience which is part of the App Worskpace.

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philippfrenzel Frequent Visitor
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Re: Power BI Self service and collaboration

Hi, I switched from Qlik World to Power BI and miss some fundamental knowledge about the deployment of power bi apps and datasets... 


the documents you share are helpfull, but I miss a guide, on how to prepare datasets in detail, that they can be combined later on...


e.g. we run MS CRM and I wanna supply leads, accounts and opportunities as master tables, then contact (history) as fact tables - how can this be done, so according to the business users need, he can pick the fact table and one of the master tables to gernerate reports...


Thanks in advance Philipp