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Power BI Report web part for SharePoint Online Discussion

The new Power BI (preview) web part for SharePoint Online is now available globally for Office 365 First Release customers. The web part lets you securely embed Power BI reports from your account in SharePoint Online pages so you can build secure internal portals easily. The web part requires users configuring the web part and consuming the reports to have Power BI Pro licenses.  


Let's use this thread to discuss the new Power BI report web part for SharePoint Online.   


Please read the documentation before asking a question, posting a comment below. The documentation contains answers to common questions and workaround for any known issues.


Known Issues:

When adding the Power BI (preview) web part, you are asked to sign-in but are not able to.

You will see error message similar to:

  • "We need you to sign in again. Once you do, we'll bring you back here."
  • "An error occurred, please try logging out and back in and then revisiting this page"

To resolve this issue, ensure your tenant is set to "First release for everyone". To enable SSO, the Power BI web part relies on new Authentication APIs provided by the SharePoint team and only available when First release for everyone is selected. See the Office 365 documentation for detailed steps



I work for a charity and have just been revisiting Power BI as it has many features that I find very useful.


Sad to see that after more than 12 months, it seems that Power BI reports can still only be shared with other Power BI Pro users unless we use the Premium route which is also prohibitively expensive.


I shall be going back to PowerPivot which does a very good job and can be shared with the rest of the organisation.


It is a shame that such a powerful reporting tool as Power BI can effectively only be viewed by a very small number of people in an organisation.



Regular Visitor

As Power BI Embedded announced, can anyone tell if we can leverage Power BI embeded to allow users to view a Power BI report on SharePoint online page without a Power BI Pro license?




Using power bi in a classic sharepoint page:

I'm not 100% sure it works outside my direct team, but what I did is create a modern page and embedded the power bi into that, Then on the classic page, I used the script editor webpart and did an iframe to the modern webpage. I'm still working on the formatting, but it seems to work well for my team and I. I'm having the issue where I can't share it out with anyone else though... everyone outside my direct team is just getting a content unavailable. 

Regular Visitor

I finally figured out how to show a Power BI report on a SharePoint modern page, I basically tried the following options

  1. Use modern Power BI SPFx web part. this approach requires your viewer to have Power BI Pro license. if they don't, the page will popup a message and ask them to either get a license or start a trail. I found out this approach is same as you share the report to others via Power BI desktop application. 
  2. Use embedded SPFx web part. To do this, you need to make sure your tenant admin allows you to publish Power BI report to a web. currently this configuration is available for Power BI tenant setting. it can be turn on for all tenant or specific groups. After your tenant admin enable that option, you will see a menu item called "Publish to web" availalbe on your Power BI -> File menu which allows you get a embedded code (iframe format html code). you can paste this code in the embedded SPFx web part or any web site which support embedded code via iframe. The good thing for this approach is the people who actually are gong to see the report from embedded don't need Power BI Pro license. The bad thing there is no security added on top of the embedded report which means anyone can see that report as long as they have that embedded code. You might be able to overcome that by using SharePoint page which allows you to add permission for the page. But underline, it didn't change the security of the embedded report. Please also see Publish to web from Power BI for more information. 

Personally, I still think MS should allow non-license people to view the report. Can MS let us know if this is scope they are working on or there is UserVoice we can vote it? Having all viewers to have Pro license is not going to compete with other BI products out there. 



New Member

The "REQUIRED" PRO license for every viewer of the embed web part is a real deal-breaker.


From the point of view of our typical customer, e.g. an organization (company, association, small-businesses) which has not the capacity or the needs to upgrade to the Office E5 tier, it is only impossible to adhere to that kind of restrictions.


I understand the need of a PRO license for the content creators but not for the viewers.

I just want to point out that by sticking to this licensing restrictions, YOU (Microsoft) are losing both in customers and in image.


Many people have said approximately the same here before but I cannot stress this enough, as of now, we cannot sell Power BI to our customers.


Power BI Team, please consider this issue seriously.

New Member

Hi all,


I understand that in order to embed PowerBi report in SharePoint online, we need to have PowerBI pro license

And the report viewers will need to have PowerBI pro license as well.


We are currently using E1 license.

So in order to embed PowerBI report, can you advise which option below is feasible?

1. E1 + PowerBI Pro

2. E3 + PowerBI Pro

3. E5 (PowerBI Pro included)


I understand that E1 SharePoint Online doesn't have PowerBi Web part feature, so option 1 is not feasible right?

Advocate I
Advocate I


That's outrageous!

I've just upgraded to a couple of Pro licences so that we can share securely by embedding into SP sites, only to find out that that's still not enough.


So my choices are:

Use the Publish to Web option and risk somebody posting it to social media in just a couple of clicks.



Pay extra to publish MY data securely, only for the consumers to still not be able to view it!!!


Whats the point of the Pro Licence if it still doesn't close the Governance back door? - Absolute joke.

I agree with @jimbobTX and his Herion dealer style licencing comment.

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