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Power BI Report web part for SharePoint Online Discussion

The new Power BI (preview) web part for SharePoint Online is now available globally for Office 365 First Release customers. The web part lets you securely embed Power BI reports from your account in SharePoint Online pages so you can build secure internal portals easily. The web part requires users configuring the web part and consuming the reports to have Power BI Pro licenses.  


Let's use this thread to discuss the new Power BI report web part for SharePoint Online.   


Please read the documentation before asking a question, posting a comment below. The documentation contains answers to common questions and workaround for any known issues.


Known Issues:

When adding the Power BI (preview) web part, you are asked to sign-in but are not able to.

You will see error message similar to:

  • "We need you to sign in again. Once you do, we'll bring you back here."
  • "An error occurred, please try logging out and back in and then revisiting this page"

To resolve this issue, ensure your tenant is set to "First release for everyone". To enable SSO, the Power BI web part relies on new Authentication APIs provided by the SharePoint team and only available when First release for everyone is selected. See the Office 365 documentation for detailed steps


Resolver III
Resolver III

Thanks for this, it all works as advertised for me, but I'm a little mystified as to the use case.

If everyone who accesses these shared reports requires a Power BI Pro licence, then what is the benefit of putting the report on Sharepoint ? The Power BI pro users can access through Groups, Content Packs or shared Dashboards. What extra does Sharepoint provide ?


Oh, one more thing, PowerBi service now has a "Preview Features" option, (in Settings). So why is this preview feature being shown on the main menu, why can't we turn it on (and more importantly OFF) with the "Preview Features" ?




@MichaelP unfortunately to ensure you don't need to sign-in to Power BI to view the report (SSO), we need some new APIs from the SharePoint team. So those APIs are what forces the web part to be First Release for Everyone. Once those APIs are in all of SharePoint Online, we can look into whether we can switch the preview for the web part to First Release for specific users.


So we won't be in the testing. Unfortunate.


Also, as shared by others already, the need for Power BI Pro to view Power BI reports or Dashboards in SharePoint is not acceptable.

Hopefully this constraint will be re considered and removed very soon.


Such approach is "a killing in the egg" practice. At some points our effort to market your product, might stop short soon.




I totally understand the need for Power BI Pro to create content, but it's ludicrous to expect a user community to have a Power BI Pro license just to view the content that was created. 


It will kill the ability for any large organization to adopt Power BI as a solution.


@Burningsuit the use case is pretty straightforward - many organizations use SharePoint Online to manage team, build portals, etc. In many cases these teams or portals need to display data to help people be productive. People in those organizations know to go to those portals/pages to get the latest information. So now, Power BI reports can be embedded directly in those pages.  It'll make rolling out standard reports to 'everyone' who needs them easier. .


You mentioned Office 365 groups. Each group has it's own team site. Now you can not only put reports into group workspaces in Power BI, but you can also reflect those back into the group's team site pages as well.


@lukaszp, the idea is great, i guess no one against it. The only question why all these people who potentially could see the reports (okay, their emloyer) shall pay 10 bucks/month per person or so for the possibility to see such reports.


I mean, what other options are there?  Any comparable solutions like Tableau or Qlik Sense have the same restriction and their prices are significantly higher than Power BI Pro is...  Qlik Sense asks $1,500 per user and then 23% of that per year!  Power BI Pro for all users is pennies compared to the competition.... if i'm wrong please feel free to enlighten me as i'd love a more cost effective solution, but at the moment in the market it seems PowerBI is by far the cheapest solution even if all users need Pro.


It's the fact that even with an E3 agreement (which is already a lot of money), it's an additional $9.99/mo/user (retail price). Do the math on that real quick, and let me know the impact to a company with 7000 employees. How's that cost-effectiveness look now? Granted, not all 7000 employees need to consume Power BI reports, but even if you halve or even quarter that number, it's still a substantial amount of money.


The other option is to negotiate an E5 agreement, which includes Power BI Pro. Not sure of the delta dollars there.


I think that Power BI content management should be one tier, and consumption another. I'm trying to drive adoption of this product in my company, but those prices slam the door on that.


@lukaszp so then if the use case is that SharePoint users can consume PowerBi reports without going into PowerBi. Why then charge them a PowerBi Pro licence fee for features that they may never use ?




I'm not argueing that it's a lot of money, i'm argueing that comperable solutions are a more substantial investment by a significant margin (in my reserach / experience).  Have you looked at similar solutions and received pricing from them?  

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