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Power BI Report web part for SharePoint Online Discussion

The new Power BI (preview) web part for SharePoint Online is now available globally for Office 365 First Release customers. The web part lets you securely embed Power BI reports from your account in SharePoint Online pages so you can build secure internal portals easily. The web part requires users configuring the web part and consuming the reports to have Power BI Pro licenses.  


Let's use this thread to discuss the new Power BI report web part for SharePoint Online.   


Please read the documentation before asking a question, posting a comment below. The documentation contains answers to common questions and workaround for any known issues.


Known Issues:

When adding the Power BI (preview) web part, you are asked to sign-in but are not able to.

You will see error message similar to:

  • "We need you to sign in again. Once you do, we'll bring you back here."
  • "An error occurred, please try logging out and back in and then revisiting this page"

To resolve this issue, ensure your tenant is set to "First release for everyone". To enable SSO, the Power BI web part relies on new Authentication APIs provided by the SharePoint team and only available when First release for everyone is selected. See the Office 365 documentation for detailed steps



How is the report shared? Is it from a personal workspace or an App workspace?

It is an App workspace.

Advocate I
Advocate I



We are pleased to start playing with SharePoint Online Web part as it is now available for all users.


I believe I found a limitation just now on it. It seems filtering in the URL is not implemented at this point? Correct?


If confirmed that this limitation is there (not me doing it wrong) would you mind sharing with us it that is in the plan to implement it for GA?

That is necessary in many business case where we need to produce reports filtered in context.


Best regards.

Frequent Visitor

When will this be GA as we have only a subset of users in our First Release and are not going to set that up for everyone in our organization?

New Member

The web part for Power BI looks, like Power BI itself, very powerful and intuitive to use.  To be able to provide data in a way that is both visually rich and easy to interpret is a great business benefit.




All my colleagues who need to view the data which will help them make business decisions do not have Power BI Pro licenses so I'm afraid this extra functionality is worthless to me as it stands.

Regular Visitor

Our organization is a governmental research agency and  we use Sharepoint Online to collaborate with dozens of other state and federal agencies, municipalities and other academic institutions.  Some of the datasets are large and SPO requires using Power BI for Excel workbooks that exceed 10MB.*   We had really hoped the new Web Part would help with our integration issues, but it is a step backwards as it requires a monthly license to even view the content on Sharepoint.


It was a big enough hurdle to collaboration that the our in-house researchers had to sign up for a free license just to continue with their SPO collaboration. To take it a step further and require a Power BI license for viewing the data from a Web Part in SPO is a non-starter.   We have no control over whether the viewers can purchase a pro license as we use Sharepoint Online to collaborate with dozens of other state and federal agencies, municipalities and other academic institutions.  And these datasets cannot be share to the world so the anonymous web share option is out. 


Somebody let me know if I am missing something. At this point, it seems the PowerBI team is undercutting the collaborative features that Sharepoint has at its core and is marketed upon.  



@webguy It's a good ask to make it easier to share content across organizations. We're tracking this with the following idea:


If your organization has on Office 365 E5 license, internally your users already have the required Power BI Pro license to use the web part.


We have an on-prem SharePoint 2013 solution.  Is there any way to incorporate these types of web parts with an on premise install?

Frequent Visitor

Microsoft is telling us EVERY USER on the tenant (not just those that need acces to the webpart ) must be on First Release because some new SSO feature has changed.  Is this true?  Please explain why?  This is our production tenant and we have over 20,000 users, so that's not an option.


When can we expect general release or for that requirement to change?


Adding to the conversation, the webparts needs an option for filters and parameters.  We would really like to see a URL query string parameter option.


Also, now that we are talking about SharePoint,  I understand Azure SQL databases can have a live PBI connection, Why no live connection to SPO Lists?

@o365spo The web part is in preview and relies on APIs that are in First Release for the tenant. So we're just saying that if you'd like to start using the web part, you can.  I don't have any GA date guidance to share with you right now. The preview has recently started and we want to ensure a great experience before we declare a GA. We also need all of our dependencies to exit First Release. 


Your ideas about parameters/filter input and direct query for SharePoint Lists are good ones - could you ensure you share that on


@clechner77 If you have E5, then your users have Power BI Pro licenses, no need to get anything else.

I should have clarrified that we are not using cloud accounts, but rather  enterprise logins with a  shib based single sign on.  So the only way to activiate that tenant level APIs in First release  is by having all users on the tenant (even those that  don't need the new web part) on  First Release?  Please explain how that works.. is it automatic?

@o365spo your Office 365 First Release setting needs to be in "First release for everyone".  Per user first release is not sufficient.

Hello All.  It's been almost 9 months.


Does this feature still require:


1. that full organization be set to first release in SPO?

2. that all report consumers have a PBI Pro license?


Please excuse a slight rant here about MSFT products.  Such great products lately with SO much potential.  BUT too often so hard to reach...


Dear Microsoft, if you make  it difficult for developers to test and demo your products you will significantly limit sales and profits in the long run.  IMO,  Testing and Development with MSFT products should be FREE to all globally.  Make your money based on true consumption and not user licenses.   Products like PBI, SPO and Azure should be open for development , at least to the point where developers can temp organizations into actually using and buying more of the platform.   A bit of free development and testing I/O and space is going to go a very long way.  Right??




I just retetest after months and this seems to be working on our tenant now. But we still have the Power Bi Pro license requirement to view the report on the page.


Side note. I thought I read a post this weekend (11/17/2017) saying Power Bi was going to allow customers to share private reports with users on their tenant who do not have power bi licenses. Is this true? If so, when? I can't find the post now, but is going to impact this feature? Anybody got that link?

Seems what I read was PBI Premium.  


@o365spo thanks!  Vote away folks!

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Any plans for making this avaible to select users in preview? Also in the future once its GA, will this be available to all  (irrespective for fisrt release candidates)?

@mahimabedi (and others) there's no current plan to deliver this to First Release for select users. There are big technical dependencies today that prevent us taking that step, as much as we'd really like to. I appreciate all the feedback on it and interest to use the feature. For those who cannot configure First Release for Everyone, rest assured we're working as quickly as possible to get everything in place to light this up for any SharePoint user.

@lukaszp -- right, we're set as far as licensing.  I was just passing along that we are an E5 tenant so you knew that our users not seeing anything in the web part unless they log in once to wasn't a licensing issue.

@clechner77 thanks for reporting this. We'll look into it.

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