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Power BI Report Migration among Tenants (Multiple reports on same dataset)

Hi all,


I need to migrate Power BI reports from one tenant to another.

In the Source Tenant there are couple of reports linked to same dataset. When I exported them as pbix from source tenant and imported in the target, each report has its own named Dataset.


So I have a few questions:

1) Can we merge those datasets?

2) If not, is there a way to change what dataset a report is looking at, so that only one dataset has to be refreshed for new data to show up in multiple reports?

3) Or is that a limitation of the report import functionality, that it will always create a new dataset ?

Super User III
Super User III

you may be mixing up terminology here.


Dataset: collection of data sources and their relationships (aka data model)

Data Source: individual connection definition (also known as Query) that has its own credentials and source . A dataset can have multiple data sources.

Report: User Interface that accesses a dataset . Multiple reports can access the same dataset.


What you can't do is having a report point to multiple datasets.  At least not yet.  Might become possible with the composite data model that is promised for November.

hi @lbendlin  


for example i have 2 Reports named "Report 1" and "Report 2" pointing same dataset named "Report 1" in Source Tenant.

Is there a way i can export those and import in target tenant such that only one dataset named "Report 1" and 2 report pointing it exist?

Again, terminology.  "Tenant"  means something different.  Did you mean "workspace" ?  You can move workspaces between capacities in a tenant. That would move the datasets and reports in a workspace to a new location (capacity). It's not helping you though if you want to copy reports between workspaces. For that you would need to export the .pbix from one workspace and then upload the report to the new workspace.  If you have two reports pointing to the same dataset in the old workspace then I frankly don't know if you can even export the pbix for both.

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