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Power BI Pro License , how can share report to free user.

Power BI Pro License ,

how can share report to free user(service)?

thank you

Resolver II
Resolver II


Content deployed to an app workspace can be packaged up into a self-contained entity known as an app within the Power BI service. Users can then be assigned permissions to consume this app via the convenient mechanism of the Apps menu item.



A Power BI Pro user deploys content to an app workspace within the Power BI service. This a logical grouping of entities with a central security mechanism. Add other users to the workspace in one of four roles with ascending permission levels:

  • Viewer
  • Contributor
  • Member
  • Admin
Memorable Member
Memorable Member

1) You need to have premium workspace from which you can update apps and can share to as many user as you want

2) Publish the report to web( This option will be available only when the Admin of Power bi has enabled it) --> You will be getting a link of the Power bi Dashboard which can be shared to any one 

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

hi @soontosr - you will not be able to share reports with other Users unless 

1. Other users have a Pro license OR

2. Your organization has a Preimum license


Be cautious with using the Share to web option as that data can accessed by anyone on the internet who has the link. 


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