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Power BI Pro Content Warning for Free Content after Activating Trial Pro



We have set up a couple of internal dashboards for our teams. As we are currently evaluating Power BI, everyone is on Power BI Free accounts. This is a good exercise to evaluate the restrictions of Free accounts.


Our production databases are located in Azure SQL Databases. As the content creator, I have created reports on a Free account by importing data into Power BI from Azure SQL Databases. I have also scheduled a daily refresh for the data in Power BI Service.


For the last couple of months, everything has been working fine. Data refreshed every day, people interacted with these dashboards with no problems at all. 


Yesterday, I decided to go for a Trial Pro account. And, suddenly, all the dashboards are flagged as having Pro content. No one is able to use them. 


There have been no changes to these dashboards what-so-ever. I have carefully checked Free and Pro account definitions. I am pretty sure if I had Pro content in any of the dashboards, I wouldn't be able to create dashboards and share them with users on Free accounts in the first place.


Has anyone experienced something similar?



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Hi @Anonymous


What I can say from my experience is that at times, they do make changes to the way that the Free vs Pro works. And that the licensing sometimes is not as up to date as the Power BI Service is.


And also when you do things in a certain way it does not invoke the Pro licenses, and in another way it can.


I know that this can be very fustrating, as well as difficult when trying to understand how it all works.

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Hey @GilbertQ,


Thanks for your reply. 


I totally understand your point. I find it very interesting that everything with Free accounts was working fine. As soon as I activated a trial Pro, suddenly the content that presents in Free are flagged as Pro content.


I tried a couple of things to see what is/are the content that is flagged as Pro content. It appears it is the scheduled refresh. Although it is a daily (once) schedule and this is a Free feature, for some odd reason, it is flagged as Pro.


This is really frustrating. I will continue looking into this and update this accordingly.



I have encounted your issue. I use a free account and create a dashboard with Azure DB source (scheduled refresh daily). Then share it to another free users within organization and let that users get Pro Trial. He can still view the dashboard properly.


Can you reconfigure the scheduled refresh to see if the issue persists?



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Thanks for the reply. I did try to reschedule the refresh but it does not change anything, unfortunately. The only way is to disable the refresh altogether.


I do not want users to keep getting Pro Trial accounts. We are trying to make this process as easy as possible for others.


Daily Refresh is a part of Free account plan as stated here. And, I have none of the content that is stated here. In addition, I do not even have the option of refreshing hourly in the settings which is part of Pro.


This is extremely frustrating. 

I am having exactly the same issue over here. Does anyone know what could be the problem?

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Besides other problems I am having at the moment because of a none-existing Personal Gateway, I could not solve the problem. I would suggest the following approach.


  1. On Power BI Desktop, navigate to Home > Edit Queries and make sure settings in Source settings you have the correct database and database name. snip_20170322084727.png

     For me, I had some weird references to database names that were used in an old Personal Gateway.

  2. While you are in the "Edit Queries" windows, click "Data Source Settings" and make sure you do not see any connections to databases that used the Personal Gateway. 

Although I made sure there were no references to any of the tables and made sure I am using tables that were on Azure SQL Database, nothing worked. I had to delete the reports, re-upload them, re-create all dashboards, and re-share them with everyone.


It seems like Power BI Service does not get rid of connection properties even if you remove the Personal Gateway from your server and from Power BI Service.

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