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synergised Member

Power BI Custom Visuals - shared reports issues

With supposedly the lastest rev.. custom visualizations should work?? Everything we read says so - but still ran into a brick wall.  We use a single BI Pro account to publish the reports to the service - so we an update them via the personal gateway.  We then create/edit a content pack to share the reports out.


1. For the main service account, we can publish the report from the desktop.

2. We can pin a custom visualization to the dash board and it shows up ok for this main account - after answering ok to the security prompt.

3. We create/update a content pack and add the dashboard, report, dataset

4. Over on our client machine we login with another BI PRO user account.

5. We add the content pack and click on the dashboard.  We get the "this visual is not supported or cannot be displayed... message.


Question is:  Shouldn't we be getting prompted to allow the visual to be displayed like we did when published the report and created the dashboard?


If we click on the report/ report page, it has the message saying to "Complete the new canvas conversion".  We have tried editing the report online but because it is shared it makes a personalized copy.. the end result is we cannot get custom visuals to work on a shared report (one the current user does not own). 


We have the latest of everything installed.

greggyb New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Power BI Custom Visuals - shared reports issues

My guess is that the fix they rolled out was for formatting not being preserved in custom visuals when published. This is an issue we've run into as well. The "workaround" is to have every user 'Personalize' the content pack, open the report in the editing pane, add the custom visual using the ellipsis button in the visualizations pane, save their personalized copy of the report and then assign the custom visual to the currently non-functioning report. We opted to not utilize custom visuals.


Make sure you submit this as a bug report, as well. You can do so in PBI Desktop by using the 'Send a frown' option in the File menu, and using the feedback menu in PBI Service.

The forums are a great avenue for discussing issues, sharing thoughts / ideas, and troubleshooting, but they are not the official medium to submit bug reports.

Proper bug reports will receive more attention from the devs than forum posts.

rankap Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Re: Power BI Custom Visuals - shared reports issues

Hi Synergised,
We have the exact same issue.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon, because it prevents us from using custom visuals when sharing reports among users or groups.

gerardmangan Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Power BI Custom Visuals - shared reports issues

We are also encountering the same issue. It is not feasible to personalise each individual users content pack each time a report is updated/rebuilt.

greggyb New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Power BI Custom Visuals - shared reports issues

Please submit these as bug reports.

synergised Member

Re: Power BI Custom Visuals - shared reports issues

Update:  Just by chance, we figured out if you "share" the dashboard in addition to creating the content pack - the custom visuals will show.  We have a test report with all the custom visuals.. the only one that will not load is the calendar.


When you go to the report from the dashboard, there is a noticable delay with the gray X page showing.. then it will load the custom visual there as well.  It did give us the confirm message once.. and now we haven't seen it since.


We did get the custom visuals to show up once on the iphone app.. but haven't had any success since then.