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Please Make USERNAME() function work in Service

Sign in still does not work for me in the Feature Requests or Help Topics sections as has been already reported here before, therefore, I have to other option but to post this feature request here.


I love Analysis Services, but very often it simply is not an option for many companies given where they are in their budgetary cycles, their technology landscape or many other technical and/or political reasons. However, many of them will still need a way to secure data somehow.


I am sure this is not an easy task, but if we could have USERNAME() function work right in the Service we would have at least some sort of a way to implement some level of security even with lots caveats and limitations.


This is not a sexy solution but I am really worried that having SSAS as the only option for security moving forward may impede the adoption of the product.

konstantinos Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Please Make USERNAME() function work in Service

+ 1 totally agree..


Also could work in PowerBI Desktop ( username () ) and an option like SSDT to apply the filters in tables. 

Any of both options ( service or PBI desctop ) would be awesome and really exlode adoption.


Hope we have an answer from the PowerBI Team if is feasible and if they are thinking about offering it..


Konstantinos Ioannou

Re: Please Make USERNAME() function work in Service

No answer from MS yet...


Username() may not be the best way to go about it but I can't help but think that SSAS should not be the only answer to security.