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Pinned Dashboard Tiles Blinking Like Christmas Lights

Last Friday my dashboards were working fine but this morning I come in and on every refresh the tiles blink instead of flowing smoothly. They are pinned tiles from a report and they are fed by a streaming dataset. If anyone needs to see what I'm talking about I can link you to one of my dashboards. Did Power BI do an update on Microsoft's side?


Helper I
Helper I

I have the same problem with streaming data set tiles. All the streaming data set tiles are flickering every second in a dashboard, which consists of pinned reports and also streaming data set tiles. There are line graphs, carts, KPI carts and gauges in that dashboard. I hope the PowerBi team of Microsoft fixes this problem soon. It is already a week. Two weeks ago it still worked without blinking. It did not change anything.

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I have exactly the same problem 

I have a support ticket in on this issue right now and apparently has been escalated to the product team. It's almost been a week that this issue is occurring which is obviously not ideal. Out of curiousity is your data stored in the North Central US (Illinois) or is it stored somewhere else for you? Curious to see if the issue is platform wide or just area wide.

Unfortunately, I am not able to see where my data is stored because I am not the adminn of my organization. I tried to look that up in Power BI Desktop under Help>About>"Your data is stored in" but that field is missing. We are based in the Netherlands if that helps. 


I have created a live streaming dataset and I am pushing data from a SQL database to a Power BI report. I have pinned tiles from the report on the dashboard that are refreshing every one second. I am reseting my dataset by the end of each day to make sure the data limit will not be exceeded. Until two days ago everything worked fine. But since yesterday all of my tiles with line graphs are blinking with every refresh. I am using Chrome but I have tried it on other browsers and laptops with no success. 


I hope the product team will come up with a solution and provide us with feedback on the root cause of the issue. 

If you're in the netherlands then we're probably going to different servers. I'm in the US.


I did the exact same thing. I have a live streaming dataset being pushed by powershell into Power BI. Some of the data sources are SQL Server and some are from XML files. I then created a report to save the settings for the visuals and pinned them as tiles to a dashboard. Mine has been doing this since Monday. All of my graphs and cards are blinking. I use chrome primarily as well but have used Firefox and Edge to see if that would make a difference but nothing.


The product team hasn't gotten back to me yet. So we'll see if they get us a good solution. 

Same issue here in the UK since the start of the week


Seems to only affect visuals from the marketplace (including ones from Microsoft Corp).  In-built visuals not affected (for me at least) but unfortunately I'm using marketplace ones almost exclusively.  Interested if that is also the case for you?


As a test, I've created a dashboard with 3 different marketplace visuals (from different developers) and an in-built visual side by side and can see all of the marketplace ones blinking whilst the in-built refreshes smoothly (which to me rules out it being browser related, machine related, type of dataset, data source or even just that Power BI is struggling to keep up)


The blinking happens at point of new data being pushed into Power BI.  Happens regardless of source (I've seen it from Powershell, Stream Analytics, Logic Apps and even manual API call).  Will clear down and slowly redraw those visuals every time new data is pushed in so pushing data regularly makes it blink frequently.  Did not do this last week


I also have a support ticket which has been escalated to the product team

Have you heard anything back from the product team yet?

I have only been informed by a Microsoft Support Engineer that the Product Team is still investigating the issue but they have not sent a response yet. 

Hi all, 


You can find the latest update on the issue here



"Power BI customers using Custom Visuals supported by Streaming Datasets may see Tiles frequently disappear and immediately reappear. Engineers have identified the root cause and an ETA for a fix will be provided soon."



Pretty happy they addressed this, however, It's not just happening with custom visuals. It's also been happening to some of the stock ones as well. The only one for me that doesn't blink is the standard card out of the ones that I've tried at this point. 

Same issue occured since yesterday, pinned tiles from a report on a dashboard frequently disappear and immediately reappear.


Anyone else having the same problem?

Hi Scott, 

I am only using in-built line charts and cards. Only line charts are blinking though, cards are refreshing smoothly.

Hi Ian,


That makes sense.  I was working mainly with cards for that test and (for cards) there does seem to be a difference between in-built (smooth) and marketplace (blinking)


For line charts, I can confirm that I'm seeing the same as you with both marketplace and in-built affected the same

I had already noticed earlier that if you try to add a tile from a streaming dataset and pin another tile from a report on the same dashboard tiles start blinking. Once I removed the tile coming from the report everything worked normal again. But now I am solely using pinned tiles from the report. I also tried to make a new dashboard and the moment I pin a tile from that report it starts blinking. 

For the record, I am also pushing my data with powershell but I don't think it is related to the problem. 

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Super User II

Hi there

Could I ask you to clear the cache of your browser to see if that resolves the issue?

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That was the first thing I tried. No luck. Also tried different browsers. No luck.


Happens in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. 

Hi @bboschert,

It sounds like live tile render issue, any graphics driver changes apply on your device? Have you tested with other devices?

If this issue appears on all test devices, please contact to power bi about this visual render issue.

submit a support ticketsubmit a support ticket


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I actually have the dashboards running on 4 different units with 2 different configurations. The same issue is happening on both. I also have a 3rd configuration (test unit) that I've tried it on and it is displaying the same results. I have submitted a ticket and even the Microsoft rep that I worked with had to pass it off to the dev team. This is being used in a live environment in manufacturing so I'm trying to get to the quickest solution I can.

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