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KafeBI Frequent Visitor
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Percentage-based KPI from SSAS Tabular model

Using the new KPI visual that was added to Power BI online recently, I am unable to make it display percentage-based KPIs made in SSAS tabular as percentages. The KPIs and corresponding measures are formatted as percentages in the SSAS model, but the KPI visual in Power BI displays the values as decimal numbers. Any idea how to force it to display these values as percentages?

oweism Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Re: Percentage-based KPI from SSAS Tabular model

Hi There,


I have good news I was able to do it!


First right click on your model and click view code. Then click ctrl + F and look for your measure name space goal for example for me it was [_Schedule Load Goal].


Once you reach the <calculationReference> XML tage add this line:

<FormatString>'0.00 %;-0.00 %;0.00 %'</FormatString>


Like here:

<CalculationReference>[_Schedule Load Goal]</CalculationReference>
<FormatString>'0.00 %;-0.00 %;0.00 %'</FormatString>


Please note that both the measure value and gola should have the exact same format for ppowerview to show them as percent. The format string above is for a percentage with 2 decimal points.

epieters Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Percentage-based KPI from SSAS Tabular model


This explanation saved our day.

1Year later and still the same issue in the VS Tabular Model Editor.