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Ongoing Publishing Issues

Hi BI'ers,


I have a number of datasets to publish to several workspaces on the Power BI web service. However, the issue I am facing is that there are ongoing requirements to add/change dataset and republish to replace the existing one. As a result, those who have access to previous versions have already built reports on their own will no longer have the up-to-date dataset to work once the next version gets published. In other words, to get the most up-to-date data, users have to re-build everything on the latest version of a dataset.


Does anyone know a solution to above mentioned issue?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Ongoing Publishing Issues

Hi @vw_golf_mk3


I would suggest that if changes are being made that the current measure names and columns for the existing datasets to not get altered or change. 


If they are still getting updated or changed, then in my personal opinion the data model is not yet mature enough to be shared with other users in the organization. And rather then there should be an agreed approach on how to deliver the dataset in a consistent manner.